Why Choosing the Right Restoration Company is Important

Dangers of Untreated Flood Damage on the Elderly

Elderly people are more prone to illnesses and injuries, and this will be further aggravated if they live in a home that has been flooded and continues to be untreated.

There are a number of dangers elder people may face in a flood damaged home. And this is why it is important to act quickly on water or flood damage. And this is also the reason why choosing the right Restoration Company is important.

Once a good restoration company is hired, water damage repair San Diego can commence immediately, and safety risks on the elderly will be prevented.

Why choosing the right Restoration Company is important

The dangers of untreated water damage to senior homeowners. (Photo Credit)

ENHS’ webpage on environmental and occupational hazard emphasized that the elderly are part of the group of people who are at risk of mold exposure which usually happens when flood or water damage has been left untreated.

“Long-term exposure to indoor molds is certainly unhealthy to anyone, but some groups will develop more severe symptoms sooner than others, including: (1) Infants and children; (2) Elderly people; (3) Individuals with respiratory conditions, allergies and/or asthma; (4) Immunocompromised patients. Some indoor molds are capable of producing extremely potent toxins (mycotoxins) that are lipid-soluble and readily absorbed by the intestinal lining, airways, and skin. These agents, usually contained in the fungal spores, have toxic effects ranging from short-term irritation to immunosuppression and cancer.”

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UK-Based website Climate Just explained why the elderly are at a greater risk of harmful effects of flooding.

“There is conclusive evidence that when compared to other adults, older people – those over 65, but particularly people over 75 – consistently face more severe impacts as a result of flooding and heatwaves1,2. This is partly due to the tendency for older people to be more biophysically susceptible3. However, older people may also be associated with a range of other characteristics which increase their vulnerability, such as being socially isolated, being in ill-health, having lower personal mobility, living in certain types of housing or being on a low income.”

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Falls and slips are also very likely when there in untreated water damage at home. The Merck Manual tried to explain how dangerous falls and slips could be for senior citizens.

“Falls can be caused by physical conditions that impair mobility or balance, hazards in the environment, or potentially hazardous situations. Most falls occur when several causes interact. For example, people with Parkinson disease and impaired vision (physical conditions) may trip on an extension cord (an environmental hazard) while rushing to answer the telephone (a potentially hazardous situation). A person’s physical condition is affected by changes due to aging itself, physical fitness, disorders present, and drugs used. The physical condition probably has a greater effect on the risk of falling than do environmental hazards and hazardous situations. “

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When a home has been subjected to water damage or residential flooding, it is important to immediately undertake a restoration job to avoid potential problems.

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