Website Usability Tools That Can Improve Customer Experiences

If you want to have a website that runs successfully then the main part is usability. A running website can experience many problems like text blocks, broken links, bad contrast, broken links, and complicated designs. All these problems can cause a serious decrease the traffic of your website, and also it can effect sales conversions. But there is a good new. Now there are many user testing website tools that can solve your problem and they can test your website running. One made by Google is offer to everyone Now there is no need to hire testers that can check and recheck your website as there are many issues that you can do for free. In this article, we are going to give you an introduction to all these web usability tools that can save your time and money.

The WhatFix Tool

It is a very interactive tool, and it will be there whenever the user of your website needs you. With this tool, you can create many flows, and you can explain each and every part of your website. You can also use it as a widget. With flows, you can explain what can be done on the current page of the website by giving step by step guideline. It is a free tool, but it has an upgrade option with which you can host some flows and also customize them.

The Color Oracle Tool

Have you thought that a person that is suffering from color blindness could visit your website? If no then this web usability tool is specially designed to optimize your website for all the people who have this disease. You can get the benefit of this small portion of the audience that can be your potential customers. As per a research, one man in every 12 men and one woman in every 200 women is suffering from color blindness. This filter can be used in any design of your web site and with this colors can be perceived by any person who visits your website.

The Page Speed Tool

The speed of your website matters a lot. People will not visit your website if it does not load properly. Today it is very important, and high-speed internet is available in every home, and every mobile user is using it. Page speed is a tool that will check the speed of every page on your website. It will highlight all the problems and issues that can cause your web page to load slowly. With this tool, you just have to enter the URL of your website such as You can also compare the downtime of your website with other websites also. There are many Up-to-date stats that you can search. These stats are being regularly updated to provide you information about web hosting service uptime.

The Spur Tool

This tool is the great critique of your website. Once you enter the URL, it will tell you every rule that you are violating regarding the design of your website. It will also mention what thing are creating the problem on your website.

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