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Why a Woman Should Consider Becoming an Electrician

About ElectriciansWhen a homeowner requests for a house call from an electrician, he will normally expect a male electrician to come by. Female electricians after all are not too common, even in the developed world, as it is a trades profession dominated by men.

But is it difficult for a woman to become an electrician?

The website Electrician Careers Guide says it will not be hard at all. “You should be able to find training without any difficulty. In fact, you may have an easier time finding an apprenticeship than the men in your area, because trade unions want to employ a diverse workforce, and many actively recruit women and minorities to join.”

The same website also assured women considering to get into the profession that their frame will not be a hindrance in doing their job. “Electricians often need to fit into crowded or small spaces, and a petite frame may allow you to get to places that a bigger frame could not get to. You may get asked to do an unfair share of work that requires a smaller person and smaller hands, but keep in mind—the really big guys also get asked to carry more than their fair share of the heavy equipment. If anything, your smaller size may give a special role on the team, where you are able to make a contribution that the men are not able to make.”

With this it assured that as lady electricians stay longer in the profession, the more they adapt into the work at hand, grow specialized muscles were needed, and have the necessary reflexes useful in doing the job.

So what are the advantages of being a lady electrician?

Not to be stereotypical, but there are electrician contractor firms that capitalize on their female work force or employees to encourage more clients into hiring them. Female electricians give the impression that they are safer to have around the house for urgent repairs. They also give the impression of being more organized, and that they are most likely to leave the space they worked on as neat and tidy.

Australian-based news.com shared in one of its posts that lady electricians are looked upon positively. As such their numbers are slowly growing in Australia. “According to an ABS survey of Education and Work, males were much more likely to be employed as a trade apprentice than females in 2005, with six males for every female. But by 2011, census data showed the rates of women in trades were increasing with 1432 female electricians, 676 female carpenters, 931 female motor mechanics and 638 female plumbers across Australia.” In the same article, News.com shared the story of a lady electrician, who turned out to be successful in the field.

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