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Code to Careers_Logo SmartRiverside has several additional innovative programs ranging from those that help local high-tech companies forge businesses in Riverside to helping them relocate employees to Riverside, to the mentoring of at-risk youth through internship programs and a STEM school outreach program. Learn more about all of the SmartRiverside programs by clicking here.


SmartRiverside's Digital Inclusion Program will be closed beginning June 24, 2016 until the end of August 2016. During this time SmartRiverside will be unable to provide any support services to PC recipients.

*To qualify, you must live in Riverside, make an annual family income of less than $45,000 and take a free eight-hour computer training class in English or Spanish.

SmartRiverside's award-winning Digital Inclusion Program is a multi-faceted community-based nonprofit which helps train at-risk youth to refurbish computers which are given out to low income families at no cost. Before the families receive their free computer, they receive eight hours of free computer training.

The SmartRiverside Digital Inclusion Program is a program designed for bridging the Digital Divide in our local community. Low-income families do not have the available resources to take advantage of new technologies that can assist in improving their education, communication and overall quality of life.

Why Choosing the Right Restoration Company is Important

Why Choosing the Right Restoration Company is Important

Dangers of Untreated Flood Damage on the Elderly Elderly people are more prone to illnesses and injuries, and this will...

Why San Diego Is a Great Place

Why San Diego Is a Great Place

5 Reasons Why San Diego Is a Great Place for Families

San Diego could be one of the most wholesome cities in America. It is teeming with fun activities for families, whether they are just on for a brief visit, or they are staying for good. Countless fun and natural entertainment abound, given the many natural resources made available to residents and visitors. Why San Diego Is a Great Place

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why San Diego is a Great Place for Families:

  1. The Wonderful Beaches. San Diego has a wonderful coastline community that caters to the interest of people of all ages. Its board walks, its sandy coastline, its wonderful water and huge waves all invite San Diegans and their visitors to dive in and enjoy the county’s aquatic resources.
  2. The great weather. Outdoor venues, and natural resources cannot be enjoyed to the hilt if the weather is too cold or too wet for the people’s enjoyment. San Diego has a wonderful climate that complements its great outdoors. Those that enjoy swimming in the beach, trail hiking, cycling, and the like will be more than happy to explore and do what they love because the beautiful climate allows them so. Food Adventure in San Diego
  3. The Marine Life Display. San Diego is teeming with a lot of marine life, and is actually famous for one of its attractions – Sea World San Diego. In its official website, Seaworld San Diego described its organization. “For more than 50 years, we have been a leading theme park and entertainment company delivering personal, interactive and educational experiences that blend imagination with nature and enable our guests to celebrate, connect with and care for the natural world we share. We also are one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a worldwide leader in animal welfare, training, husbandry and veterinary care. The company collectively cares for one of the largest animal collections on the North American continent and has helped lead advances in the care of species in zoological facilities and in the conservation of wild populations.” Click here for the continuation.
  4. Diverse Food Choices. San Diego is home to various cultures and naturally this means various types of cuisines. The restaurant and food scene here is so diverse that it caters to the cravings as well as the budget of both locals and tourists. Western dishes, European cuisine, Asian specialties, and even Middle Eastern favorites are aplenty. This scenario then sits well with those yearning for a taste of home, and those as well who are on a gastronomic adventure. San Diego Indoor Plants
  5. Great Historical and Cultural Sights. San Diego has a great history, and its numerous attractions showcase just that. From parks, museums, as well as other monuments and attractions all magnify the great history that is held by the whole county.
Whether one is in for a permanent move, or just for a brief weekend, San Diego is definitely an exciting destination to explore!

How to Hire A Water Damage Company

How to Hire A Water Damage Company

Hiring a water damage company is relatively easy nowadays given the vast information that can be provided by the Internet. This deluge of information though can be a double-edged sword as such can confuse a potential client from choosing which company to hire.  How to Hire A Water Damage Company The key here is to practice diligence when signing up with any contractor. With the sheer number of companies offering similar services, it can be easy to fall prey to cheap but low quality workmanship and below-par services. Even worse, one can end up dealing with a scammer.

Here are Some Tips on How to Hire A Water Damage Company:

1. Ask friends and family for referrals. The best way to find a reliable water damage company is by getting recommendations from relatives, neighbors and friends. These people will surely refer a company who has done a great job for them, and has charged them a reasonable rate. 2. Check out the Internet. Find at least three companies in your area that seem great to you based on their website or what the World Wide Web says about them. Find out the following information about them: a. Are they licensed by the state to operate in their line of business? b. Do they have the appropriate permits to carry out their tasks? c. How much will they charge for the job at hand? d. How much time do they need to complete the project? e. How is the online feedback about their company? 3. Find out if the company that you are most likely to hire offers free cost estimates. If they do, immediately schedule one so that you could at least get an actual evaluation of the work project at your home, and make appropriate budget projections. When in immediate need of a water damage company in view of an emergency, such as plumbing problems or anything similar then harness the power of social media. Crowd source from your friends, or join social media forums that center on hiring contractors. Usually these groups have a list of recommended contractors. One can also check out the website of their local Better Business Bureau to check out their list of water damage companies in the area. In the end, doing a bit of research work will pay off in terms of getting to hire a great company that could restore water damaged parts of your property. Bear in mind though that when comparing companies, never put a huge premium in lowest cost offer simply because the lowest cost estimate does not always translate as the “best contractor in the area.” In fact these companies can even shortchange you, or worse, present you with hidden charges when it is time to settle one’s bill.

Website Usability Tools That Can Improve Customer Experiences

Website Usability Tools That Can Improve Customer Experiences

If you want to have a website that runs successfully then the main part is usability. A running website can...

Education Degree Process of Becoming a Dentist

Education Degree Process of Becoming a Dentist

Dentistry careers have a lot of benefits, including the pay and the options of going into a specialty field. Additionally, you can meet a lot of interesting people and do a job you love. The trade-up for this is a lot of hard work and commitment, as well as following this education degree process to become a dentist.

Steps to Receive a Doctoral Dentist Degree

To become an accredited dentist, you must take these first steps.
  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree- you must complete 90 hours in a under graduate program, most require a full degree now. You may decide to complete unrelated curriculum, but if you choose science-related or pre-dentistry major you will come out ahead when meeting prerequisite requirements. GPA is important to get in dental school.
  • Score high on the Dental acceptance test on a dental application, dental acceptance test is a major part. This test has 280 questions and is five hours long. Questions are about a lot of natural science, reading comprehension, plus quantitive reasoning`
  • Complete Doctoral Degree
The following sections will break down more about the dental programs.

Program Options

America offers two types of programs. Basically, the doctorate degree that you will receive depends on where you attend college, since both of these are valid and require the same curriculum.

Dental Specialties

American Dental Association recognizes nine specialties students can choose from
  • Dental Public Health
  • Endodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology
  • Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontal
  • Prosthodontics

Undertake Requirements for Licensure

Most states have similar steps in Licensure requirements to be a Dentist. The first step is completing a course at an accredited institution. Two exams need to be passed- written and clinical. Dental exams cover a wide array of topics from Dental Anatomy, Biomedical Sciences, and Ethics. Clinical exams will be overseen by your specific state’s board of dentistry.

Preparing for a Dental Career

  • Pre-Dental- has advanced dental coursework, physics, biology, cell biology, micro biology, biochemistry, speech, English, physiology, and internet marketing.
  • Biological Sciences- has lab training, genetics, cell biology, social behavior and philosophy of human nature
  • Physiological Sciences- Biostatistics, experimental physiology, micro anatomy

Dental School Admission Requirements

Admission to academic program of dentistry can be a demanding process. Programs are small, admission is competitive.

Components to Get in Dental School

  • Pre-requisite Courses
  • Under Graduate record
  • Test scores
Dental School Courses- Most students complete in four years. Some courses are:
  • Hands on training in clinical and labs
  • Sit in on lectures and seminars
  • Microbiology and oral health promotion
  • Dental Development and Anatomy
  • Oral Health and Nutrition
  • Anesthesia and Pain Management
  • Oral Surgery
Components of a successful Dentist career are skills, tools, technology, and credentials.

Before you decide to become a dentist at Bishara Dental make sure this is the career you want to be in. You will have to go through a lot of schooling stretching you to your limit with a lot of studying and late nights.

Why SEO is Important for a Local Business

Why SEO is Important for a Local Business

Search Engine Optimization is critical when it comes to ensuring a good online marketing campaign for any local business. It ensures that despite the marketing budget, a local company or small business can ably compete with the giants because they appear in search results as prominently as that of the products and services of big companies. Entrepreneur tried to explain why MadHatSEO is important for a local business in an article that they published. “These moves are savvy, because local SEO has risen in importance, but the ride isn’t over yet. Over the next few years, I anticipate that local SEO will become even more impactful and more useful for businesses. Here’s why. (1) Google loves local businesses. Over the years, Google has shown slight favoritism toward newer, smaller, more agile companies. While most of its ranking biases have to do with a brand’s history and authority, Google also wants to give the people what they want -- and that often means showcasing nimbler, more popular brands.” Read the full article here. British-based website Bright Local explains that Local Search Optimization is very important because it puts a business right in front of a customer who is almost prepared to buy their product or avail they services. In their article where they enumerated 10 reasons why SEO is important, they emphasized that “Local customers are switching to the internet to find local businesses. 64% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local business; only 28% of people use old paper directories as their preferred source of local information.” Check out the rest of the list here. In reality, SEO will always be a critical component of any marketing campaign of any business. In this day and age where information is always in demand, and can be available anywhere 24 hours a day, seven days a week, having an SEO campaign puts a local business ahead of its competitor.

Vape Shop Near ME in Chicago

Vape Shop Near ME in Chicago

Caring for Vaping Devices

Using vape from LevelVape Store on a day-to-day basis would entail regular cleaning and maintenance of vaping devices. Like any device, vaping pens function at its best when cleaned regularly, and maintained on a tip-top condition. Proper care also prolongs the life of the device.

After Buying a Vaping Device or Starter Kit from a Vape Shop Near Me in Chicago

Wiki-How gave a detailed instruction on how to clean personal vaporizers. “Keeping your e-cigarette clean is crucial to making sure you have an enjoyable vaping experience. It also helps you get more life from your e-cigarette. If your e-liquid tastes stale or burnt, it is time to clean your e-cigarette.” Read the step-by-step guide here. Canadian Website Toronto Vaporizer meantime gave a tip on how to quickly clean up vaping devices. “After you’ve cleaned your components in alcohol or cleaning solution it’s important to rinse them off with water. This ensures that your parts won’t have any lingering cleaning solution. Once all is done, run the unit through a heating cycle and it should be in tip top shape!” Check out the rest of the instructions here. ECig Guide for its part gave out general maintenance tips for personal vaporizers. “Besides the mods, your atomizers also require some cleaning and we are going to start with the tanks. These are usually easy to dissemble and they are made of a few individual pieces. To clean your tank just empty the e-liquid and remove your coil before rinsing all the parts in warm water. This should be enough for removing e-juice residue and all sorts of deposits on the glass or stainless steel parts. If you left your tank with e-liquid inside for a long period of time and now it’s stuck there are some things you can try. One would be to use some rubber gloves to have a better grip when trying to unscrew the parts, but if this still doesn’t work you’ll have to soak the whole tank in hot water. Finally you can try leaving it in the freezer for a couple of hours before giving one last try.” See the continuation of this post here. Cleaning and proper care of personal vaporizers pave the way in maximizing the enjoyment of vaping.

About Electricians

About Electricians

Why a Woman Should Consider Becoming an Electrician

About ElectriciansWhen a homeowner requests for a house call from an electrician, he will normally expect a male electrician to come by. Female electricians after all are not too common, even in the developed world, as it is a trades profession dominated by men.

But is it difficult for a woman to become an electrician?

The website Electrician Careers Guide says it will not be hard at all. “You should be able to find training without any difficulty. In fact, you may have an easier time finding an apprenticeship than the men in your area, because trade unions want to employ a diverse workforce, and many actively recruit women and minorities to join.” The same website also assured women considering to get into the profession that their frame will not be a hindrance in doing their job. “Electricians often need to fit into crowded or small spaces, and a petite frame may allow you to get to places that a bigger frame could not get to. You may get asked to do an unfair share of work that requires a smaller person and smaller hands, but keep in mind—the really big guys also get asked to carry more than their fair share of the heavy equipment. If anything, your smaller size may give a special role on the team, where you are able to make a contribution that the men are not able to make.” With this it assured that as lady electricians stay longer in the profession, the more they adapt into the work at hand, grow specialized muscles were needed, and have the necessary reflexes useful in doing the job.

So what are the advantages of being a lady electrician?

Not to be stereotypical, but there are electrician contractor firms that capitalize on their female work force or employees to encourage more clients into hiring them. Female electricians give the impression that they are safer to have around the house for urgent repairs. They also give the impression of being more organized, and that they are most likely to leave the space they worked on as neat and tidy. Australian-based shared in one of its posts that lady electricians are looked upon positively. As such their numbers are slowly growing in Australia. “According to an ABS survey of Education and Work, males were much more likely to be employed as a trade apprentice than females in 2005, with six males for every female. But by 2011, census data showed the rates of women in trades were increasing with 1432 female electricians, 676 female carpenters, 931 female motor mechanics and 638 female plumbers across Australia.” In the same article, shared the story of a lady electrician, who turned out to be successful in the field.

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